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The future of this LJ blog

In early October of last year, I revamped with Wordpress at the request of my wife, so that we could start blogging about our family adventures. She's been much better at posting there than I have here, and I know that she'll continue, especially as we get busier with family activities. To stay consistent, I expect that I'll start posting my public musings about fatherhood over there instead of here. However, I have no interest in abandoning 'my LJ'.

Looking back, I have more than 10 years of thoughts and absolutely drivel in this repository, and I want to continue. Between my paper/pencil journal, LJ, and now the family blog, I have enough outlets to express my thoughts publicly or privately. I expect that LJ will remain a place where I discuss non-family related topics.

At RSA TechFest last year, I sat in on a session by Branden Williams on how to get 'published'. The session was the perfect kick in the pants I needed to write more frequently, and with more focus. Apparently, the kick in the pants took a little longer to take effect. In that session, I came up with an idea that I've been toying with, which I'd like to start soon. The idea is not earth shattering; it's simply to host a blog on a specific topic that I haven't found yet. If/when I do star it, I'll make sure to post a link here.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be standing up my personal site again and associating this LJ as the blog for that site. When I do, I'll make sure to post the relevant details here.
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