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Year 1

A year ago today, we were blessed with the most amazing miracle that two parents could hope for. The first 6 weeks were incredibly difficult, but the three of us prevailed by making progress each day. We were supported by our family, friends, and the incredible staff of the Beth Israel NICU, who we are forever grateful to.

No one can prepare you to be a parent. They can offer advice and guidance to no end, but until you hold your own flesh and blood in your own two hands do you realize that his fate is up to you. It's overwhelming, and truly frightening, but then you realize that generations before you wore the same shoes.

It's true that you sacrifice an incredible amount, physically, mentally, and emotionally to bring a child in the world. You worry, but you smile more. You discover that happiness really does come from simple things. You look forward to coming home from work, eating a small dinner, and spending the rest of the evening dazzling your son with multiple games of peekaboo, neglecting the half read book, unopened DVD, and pile of mail.

Julien, you taught us so much this year; To be patient, to be strong, to be silly, and above all to appreciate the tiniest things that we overlook everyday because we're too busy.

We can't wait for year 2. Happy Birthday.
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