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Year 2

Time passed so quickly this year! It feels like just yesterday, we were wondering when you would take your first step, or how much longer we would have to make sure there were clean milk bottles for the middle of the night. As the days, and months rolled along, your personality started to shine through, by facial expressions at first, followed by the tones of your voice.

Today, you turn two, well past infant, steaming toward an adult...

You entertain an audience wherever you go, with a simple smile, or smirk, raise of an eyebrow, or a blow of a kiss. You're learning that your natural charisma is powerful, and as your parents, it's our responsibility to teach you how to use that skill for good. You're kind, gentle (evidence by your interaction with your feline sisters), and determined to achieve what you set out to do. We can't wait to hear more of your thoughts, and opinions as you develop into year three.

Happy Birthday! We're lucky to have you as our son, and can't wait for the adventures that await for us in 2015.
Tags: fatherhood, julien
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