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In the early morning yesterday, our family of three was incremented by one with a son. He arrived with pink fingers and toes, and a hearty cry, ready to take on the world. The experience was quite different, but the outcome, the same. He's already working the camera, charming all of us with coos, and eagerly satisfying an insatiable hunger. We couldn't ask for a better result.

I am more confident this time. The anxiety, and the fear are replaced with knowledge from experience. I don't feel as vulnerable, or fragile, letting my mind use muscle memory to hold, and perform the necessary regular maintenance on our newborn. The feeling of responsibility hasn't increased, as I didn't take the role of fatherhood lightly before. In fact, I'm incredibly excited, looking forward to the four of us embarking on adventures together, exploring the world. I look forward to watching the brothers interact, support one another, and build a bond that is unbreakable. I expect to learn from their interaction on how to be a better person.

Welcome to the family Noah. You already fit right in!
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