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Best of 2016

Over the past few days, I've seen quite a few people post their set of nine best pictures on Instagram, and it made me think about the past 364 days, especially for my family. To describe this year in one word is futile, but if I were to, it would be with the word abundance. As a father to two healthy, energetic boys, every day is one filled with excitement, wonder, and best of all, love. I'm very fortunate to be in a career that enabled me to spend quality time with them each day. To be able to watch each of them grow into their own personalities gradually is incredible, and I would never be able to if it weren't for the flexibility that I'm provided.

Before sitting down to write this entry, I reviewed all of the photos that I had taken over the course of the year, and selected one for each month. Naturally, most of the photos include the boys in various states of adventure or amusement, which is the kind of life that I want them to live. Reflecting on the global events of the year, I realized that this life we have is truly a gift, and if we don't take advantage of it, then we've squandered it. Considering the number of lives that were lost this year, especially the children in the numerous war torn regions around the world, I wanted to express how grateful I am to be a member of my family; the best husband I can be to a wife that deserves it every day, and the best father to two of the most energetic and lovable boys around. Without you, my life wouldn't be as colorful, dynamic, light, or as abundant, and I look forward to all of the adventures we will embark on together in 2017.

I wish all of us a new year filled with health, prosperity, love, and most of all peace.

My best of 2016 photo set
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